SW Guild Member Cecil Asheley works in the 2020 Lockdown Mode.
Seeing as how we are still in lockdown mode I have completed another project. This one is a planter box at the end of our 200' long driveway with our house numbers on it. It is 25" x 25" square and 34 " high. I used Western Red Cedar. The legs are 3.5" square with 40 degree bevels on the edges. The cross bracing is 1.5" x 3.5" also with 40 degree bevel. I assembled it using my new Kreg pocket hole jig ( love it, this is my 2nd one). The top is 1.75" x 5.5" cut with 45 degress corners and 40 degree bevels. Finished off with a Pecan stain for the top and legs and 2 clear coats of Varathane for the rest of the wood. My next project to be completed by June 28 (my wife's birthday) is a Cedar potting stand, more photos to come
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Brian Lucas has been busy with his wood working  during this Pandemic period. Brian said "The bowls are from the Greencourt cherry that was offered last summer.  It spent the last 9 months in half rounds on my shop floor and was still quite wet when I rough turned it using a Oneway coring system. The piston on the car works too."
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Rick Crook is a real craftsman. Rick was quoted saying " I've completed two projects under the lock down. First, a matched pair of prospector canoes which were in trade for a lifetime supply of cedar boards. The wood is unbelievable, mostly flat sawn 1 inch wood lengths 16 to 23 feet and widths up to 18 inches! All select, clear old growth the second picture was a sliding seat boat, delivered to Sydney BC. I used my van and did it in one day with social distancing adherence. I am on to another sliding seat boat started last week. Rolling along hiding in the shop."


Project for a friend. This is a beautiful box made by Bruce O'Regan.

Bruce said," This small box I made for April for her birthday. She is a kind caregiver to my neighbor and had seen a box I made some time ago. It is 4 1/2" square and 2 1/2" high made of Alaskan yellow cedar and walnut finished with clear polyurethane.

One of my COVID lockdown projects. I’ve long been annoyed that my music stand will only accept 2 sheets of paper, and I also thought it would be fun to build a music stand to my liking.  So here’s my “art-deco-ish” music stand, with room for four sheets of music.

I titled the the project ‘scraps’ because that is literally what the stand is made of … odds and ends of hardwood left over from other projects.  It’s made of maple, bird’s eye maple, walnut, cherry and a short piece of oak dowelling (not visible as it is the pivot between the top and the base). What went where was mostly based on what was available and what size it was. I had to be careful because for some parts there was only enough wood for one attempt.

The project also let me try out two things I had never done before : steam bending (the legs) and using hide glue.  Both were interesting experiences that I will revisit on future projects.

Peter Borgmann


Heinz expressed that ," this is what I have done with my time during shut down. It is a 14 foot sailboat that I will probably call "COVID 19" . I am currently working on, the mast."


Cecil Ashley

Continuing on with lockdown and locked in projects, I have completed building a garden potting bench for my wife.
I used all reclaimed wood.  Cedar legs are resawn down from 6"x6" to 3.5" with 40 degree chamfer on the edges.
The table top working area is cedar. I screwed it down but cut my own cedar 3/8" plugs and sanded them down flush.  The
left side is a removable section with a tub built in for collecting cuttings etc. This can be removed for dumping. The peg
board is solid maple with 1 1/2" length pegs for holding various garden tools etc. Above to the left I installed a 6" 3/8" dowel for string, twine etc.
I used solid 1" Maple for the drawer front salvaged from a roadside giveaway 5 drawer dresser. I guess one man's garbage is another man's gold.
I also made two cutting boards out of solid maple