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Toys and Gifts for Families


Sunshine Coast Community Services has moved their deadline for delivery date to 

Wednesday December 2, 2020

Due to increased Covid 19 protocols.

At any time before December , Please call or email Rosette the receptionist at 604-885-5881 or sccssreception@sccss.ca before bringing in your gifts. Do not forget to wear a mask and sanitize your hands before and after.

Thank you for participating in this years event. Those families will really appreciate the gifts.

Contact Dan Chercover for assistants if you need your items picked up and delivered. Contact him at 604 885 4668 or dcher4138@dccnet.com

(Note stand by for more information to be announced on the out come of future meetings)

Here is a message from the SW Guild President

Hi All - School District 46 and the SCRD has taken steps to reduce public gatherings.  Therefore Guild meetings are cancelled until further notice.  The following link is one that I have found most helpful in explaining why we need to self-isolate.  This is really worth watching.


Nonetheless, we are fortunate to be woodworkers on the Sunshine Coast.  First, we are fortunate to have great hobbies to work on indoors in 'self-isolation'.  These are opportunities to improve our woodworking skills and have the satisfaction of making things that are functional, creative and beautiful.
Second, the heath care authorities have encouraged us to get out of doors as it is one of the safest places you can be.  We live in a beautiful place to take advantage of parks and hiking trails or even just go for a walk in your neighborhood.  See this link:
Third, it is important to stay in touch with others.  Being in self-isolation does
not mean being lonely and depressed. Call a fellow Guild member to see what they are building, say thank you and give a word of encouragement to a healthcare worker you know, call or email family and friends.
One other word of advice is don't listen to or watch too much news!  Watch enough to stay informed but dwelling on it is not a good thing.  Instead, watch a woodworking video and make something!
Best regards,
Dan Horner
President, Suncoast Woodcrafters Guild

President: Dan Horner


Subject: 2020 2x4 Challenge

  • See some of the members 2x4 projects in the Web Page





Daniel Horner

President- Suncoast Woodcrafters Guild


SW Guild 2019  Christmas Gifts by Members

Donated to the Sunshine Coast Community Services

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